Our enthusiasm for the Savio Excellence line of products is apparent throughout this website. For more than 20 years we tried to work with manufacturers to build better products for the water gardening industry – components that would create clean, healthy living ponds with low-maintenance. We finally did what had to be done – we built these products ourselves.

The Savio line represents decades of research and development – employing the education and talents of top engineers on three continents. The results are unparalleled, and set new industry standards for quality and performance.

Savio Engineering offers the most unique and advanced line of water gardening supplies available. Superior equipment and materials, and precision engineering are evident in the entire Savio Excellence line. Each component is backed by first-class, after-sales service and consumer education information.

We proudly offer the following products:

  • Black Foam™
  • Compact Skimmerfilters®
  • FilterWeirs™
  • Livingponds® Filters
  • Pond Free™ Waterfall Packages
  • Pond Free Waterfall Well™
  • Pond Packages®
  • Skimmerfilters®
  • Springflo Bio Filter Media™
  • UVinex™ UV Clarifiers
  • Water Master Pumps™
  • Stone Covers


Savio Excellence is more than a line of high-quality products – it is an integrated system for creating healthy, low‑maintenance ponds. Living ecosystems are central to Savio’s philosophy: technology works in harmony with nature to create living ponds. In a Savio Livingpond® System aggressive cleaning and annual pond draining are a thing of the past.

Savio pond designs and supplies result in clean, clear Livingponds®, with low energy consumption and little maintenance.

To learn more about our services, call us at (866) 216-8432.